Bethesda Reveals Incredible Elder Scrolls Online Xbox Series S

The Morrowind content update was the first huge expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online, and more additional items have taken fans of the MMORPG to considerably more locations to investigate with troublesome challenges to survive. Celebrating the successful send off of The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle expansion, Bethesda has uncovered an incredible Xbox Series S based on the always changing game.

Xbox has uncovered a plenty of custom Xbox Series consoles in the past, from a blend of Star Wars-themed Xbox Series S consoles to the incredibly designed Far Cry 6 Xbox Series X. Spotlighting one more impressive custom Xbox Series S, Bethesda has shown off a unit that's themed around the defensive layer of The Ascendant Lord, one of the significant characters in High Isle. Going much further than changing the base Xbox Series S, the High Isle-themed Xbox is joined by a similarly customized Xbox regulator and a headset enhanced with the Ouroboros logo that has been used in The Elder Scrolls Online all along.

Bethesda ANZ collaborated with Australian videogames detailers We are Robots to make the Xbox Series S, Xbox regulator, and stereo headset themed around The Elder Scrolls Online for a High Isle giveaway. While the High Isle character The Ascendant Lord inspired the dim design of this Xbox Series S, the console and regulator both component a symbol in The Elder Scrolls Online called the sigil of The Order. This symbol resembles a fist pointing vertically into a three-pointed crown, and it's embellished on the left side of the highest point of the Xbox Series S and between the D-cushion and right thumbstick on the Xbox regulator.

Albeit The Order sigil on the Xbox Series S console is stamped onto what resembles a plaque, the regulator simply has the symbol standing alone under a standard power button that appears encased in covering like a large part of the regulator. The Elder Scrolls Online reinforcement that inspired the Xbox Series S console and regulator's design is dim steel covering and just like symbols on the in-game stuff, the Xbox has further details around its air vent, while the regulator has the same extraordinary lines around its button format. The Elder Scrolls Online fans in Australia, Southeast Asia, and the New Zealand district will be ready to enter to win this custom Xbox Series S through the various Bethesda ANZ social channels.

Responding to the giveaway tweet for Bethesda ANZ's exceptional Xbox Series S, many fans expressed what their knight name is and why it was given to them in the spirit of High Isle. Contrasting the others, one The Elder Scrolls Online fan guaranteed that they had never been knighted and on second thought uses The Elder Scrolls' Daedra sorcery to save lives while taking others absent a lot of appreciation consequently. Some The Elder Scrolls Online players mourned the way that their locale is closed off to the Bethesda ANZ giveaway, while others discussed the rising nature of the MMORPG throughout the long term.